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Sous Vide products with the pure taste of quality and meaning
 - made with respect and care.

Leco Convenience Food

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Manufacturer of Sous Vide Products

Leco Convenience Food A / S develops, produces and sells sous vide products for retail, catering / foodservice and industrial customers in the Nordic region.The term sous vide means directly translated "under emptiness". This means that the product is vacuum-packed, after which it is heat-treated at controlled temperatures (typically at 60-80 C) and subsequently subjected to rapid cooling.The treated product now has a long shelf life and at the same time it is quickly finished. The ingredients are vacuum packed and placed in a water bath while the temperatures are regulated carefully. This preserves the flavour of the products in a way that often exceeds traditional cooking. At the same time, the dishes are preserved without adding any form of preservatives.

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Why Sous Vide?

There are many advantages to Sous Vide. Among other things. gives Sous Vide less food waste, the product is produced under highly controlled conditions and therefore becomes uniform every time. Food safety and hygiene are great since the product is hermetically sealed and the temperature is constantly monitored. The only thing required by you is to heat up the sous vide product and serve it. These are just some of the benefits of Sous Vide.

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vores sous vide produkter har en lang holdbarhed og giver derfor mindre madspild

Less food waste

The products have a long shelf life making inventory handling easier

Sous vide produkter giver en ensartet servering

Consistent every time

Sous Vide-prepared products are the same every time.

fødevaresikkerhed og hygiejne er i top med sous vide produkter

Food Safety

 without concerns

The packaging and processing method excludes contamination of food with bacteria.

Fast serving

The product should only be heated and arranged - easy and fast for you to serve.


What customers say about us

"We can honestly recommend Leco Convenience Food as a supplier and trading partner"

Klaus Toft, 

"It was juicy, tender and very easy for the staff to handle. We will definitely have sous vide duck breasts from Leco Food next Christmas"

Pia Suder,
Nutrition Assistant
Care Center Solbjerg

Economic benefits for you!

The many benefits of sous vide help to affect your bottom line!

A reduced food waste means that you throw less food directly into the bin.

The fast preparation means less effort per serving, greater capacity to cope with peak stresses in the kitchen and a small investment in kitchen facilities is sufficient

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