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At Leco Convenience Food we have developed what we believe is the market's best sous vide burger. This is because the quality is great, it is juicy and has a wonderful meat flavor. As with all our sous vide products, the burger reduces food waste and can be served extremely fast!

Ground beef, salt and pepper

Our burger only has 4 ingredients:

100% Danish beef, salt, pepper and the time you don't have. This means that the burger does not contain unrecognizable E-numbers, soya or potato. The recipe for a real burger consists of 100% beef, salt and pepper. As the meat is treated using the sous vide method, it means that it has a long shelf life, which makes it easy for you to manage the inventory and thereby avoid throwing food out!


Sous Vide Hakkebøf af 100% dansk oksekød fra Himmerland.
Sous Vide Hakkebøf til burger med fantastisk smag og saftighed
Danish beef


We use 100% Danish beef.

The Sous Vide Burger enhances the great meat flavour and makes it extremely easy to prepare medium rare - every time!

Identical Burgers

The Sous Vide burger is delivered shaped and ready for cooking - all you have to do is heat the burger on a pan for 2 minutes on each side to get the grilled flavor. This means that you can serve the burger with the same high quality for every serving. The Sous vide Burger is available in several different sizes and varies in weight and diameter. See our product list for an overview of all our variants.

Sous Vide hakkebøf til classic hamburger af 100% dansk oksekød fra Himmerland
Still not convinced?

Food should be tasted. Contact us today and have a taste of our amazing sous vide products.

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